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Burden of Tuberculosis in Nigeria: Self Care Strategies and Prevention of Complication

Date of Publication : 30, Apr, 2022

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a global public health problem and one of the top ten leading causes of death, worldwide, with developing countries bearing the highest burden. In 2018, Nigeria was listed as first in Africa and sixth among the 30 countries of the world with the highest TB burden. In 2018 alone, it was responsible for killing 1.5 million people with 10 million people experiencing the illness; 5.6 million men, 3.3 million women and 1.1 million children. Therefore, this paper examined the self-care and prevention of complications associated with tuberculosis. The paper specifically examined the burden of tuberculosis in Nigeria; identified the self-care strategies for controlling tuberculosis; and identified complications arising and its treatment associated with tuberculosis. The burden of TB in Nigeria has negative implications for growth and development of the country because a substantial proportion of those who are affected are in productive age groups. Tuberculosis leads to both direct and indirect economic losses in addition to growing morbidity and mortality. This makes it imperative that such cases be detected promptly and given appropriate treatment with education on activities which individuals are willing to do to protect themselves from TB disease and promote health. It was recommended among others that continuous training of health workers, routine monitoring and evaluation, integration of TB care and prevention into other health services programmes.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Self-care, Prevention of Complication, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,


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Author(s), ADEWOYIN, Folasade Rukayat (RN, RM, RPHN, M.Sc.), OGUNKORODE, Agatha (RN, Ph.D), AKPOR, Oluwaseyi A. (RN, Ph.D), AYORINDE, Adebola Margaret, (2022). “Burden of Tuberculosis in Nigeria: Self Care Strategies and Prevention of Complication”, Name of the Journal: Euro Afro Studies International Journal, (EASIJ.COM), P, 1 –13.  DOI: www.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6784211 ,  Issue: 4, Vol.: 4, Article: 1, Month: April, Year: 2022. Retrieved from https://www.easij.com/all-issues/

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