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The Law-Making Activity

Date of Publication : 30, May, 2021

Further improvement of the work of justice bodies within framework of democratic legal reforms in our country, including development of rule-making function of the system, is one of main directions of the unified state legal policy. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce qualitatively new and modern mechanisms for rule-making activities of judicial bodies, coordination of rulemaking bodies and the bodies of state management and efficient and systematic methodological guidance of the process, further improving features and functions of judiciary in the formation of a common legal practice.

Based on above, this article examines the activities and trends in development of justice bodies in the Republic of Uzbekistan, their functions and nature of rule-making functions, and the activities of foreign justice bodies in this regard have been analyzed and suggestions for improvement have been made.


Keywords: justice, state, ministry, norm, expertise, structure, function, law, resolution,


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