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Traditional Yalla Art Namangan

Date of Publication : 28, May, 2020

At present, the priority in the world of ethnomusicology is the scientific study of centuries-old musical traditions of peoples, factors of their historical formation and patterns of evolutionary development. At the same time, coverage of the specific (palmontational, rhythmic, etc.) features of female musical creativity, revealing the role of gender traditions in the development of national music, is becoming increasingly important. In the light of the foregoing, the work of Namangan yallachi, professional female musicians of the Ferghana Valley, is of particular interest.

The art of yallachi, based on the traditions of the master-student school, was originally formed at the court of rulers. Sources provide a number of information that, at the court of Amir Timur, dancers, women musicians and singers, as well as men, were given the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. These women simultaneously played doira, sang and danced. The era of the reign of Sultan Husseyn Bayqaro, thanks to the activities of the great Alisher Navoiy, was marked by the heyday of literary and cultural life. It is known that poetry, singers and other representatives of art took part in literary meetings and receptions. Musical traditions that reigned in the courts of the great Amir Timur and other Timurids determined the course of further development of female creativity and served as an impetus for the formation of the yallachi art. In particular, these traditions, which were further, developed at the court of the Kokand khanate, led to the final formation of the art of the Ferghana yallachi. In this art, which is a synthesis of poetry, music and dance, such song genres of folk music as sing, lapar, yalla, song (ashula) were creatively interpreted. And today, the yallachi art continues its development throughout the cultural space of Uzbekistan, and its centuries-old traditions, beautiful pieces performed by talented women are widely represented in various areas of the cultural life of the uzbek people, weddings and holidays.


Keywords: creativ, tradition, rite, ritual, sing, song, yalla, lapar, musician, singer, usul,

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