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Metaphorical Narrative of Disable Character in Indian Disability Writings

Date of Publication : 08, Dec, 2019

The study will deal with the phenomenon of Indian disability writings where disable characters have largely been functioned as a metaphor of social collapse. In western society disability has been described as a ‘symbol of cultural ruin’ (Mitchell and Snyder 13), while in Indian context it also often has been treated as synonymous with “deceit”, “mischief” and disabled people are often treated as the “children of a lesser god” (Ghai 51-52). So the study will try to demonstrate that how Indian disability writers communicate disable character’s emotions not only by directly portraying their emotional expressions but also by a metaphoric representation of feelings in the texts. In order to scrutinize more precisely Indian disability writings specific metaphorical narrative of disabling character, the study furthermore considers how the metaphorical representation contribute to the Indian disability community a typical scenario of disabling character. By doing so, the study will offer very little insight into the social model of disability which locates disability not within the disabled individuals but within the socio-cultural matrix that surrounds them. In India, this socio-culturally constructed negativity and stigmatization marginalizes disabled individual in a more problematic manner. In the autobiography, Fallen, standing: My Life as a Schizophrenist, Reshma Valliappan has effectively projected an intellectually impaired character into the mainstream writing. In her text, while she has been rebelling against all attempts to pigeon-hole and discipline, she recounts her sense of being different as a teenager. However, now as far as the representation of the issues related to the true voice of disabled individual has been either erased or represents deviant and deficient bodies as a metaphor of social collapse in the mainstream of Indian disability writings. – 1.2 – 3 Metaphorical Narrative of Disable Character in Indian Disability Writings

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